Beekeeping Lessons – 1 Topic Briefly Discussed this Beekeeping Lesson

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There are many subjects that could be discussed when it comes to beekeeping. However, in this beekeeping lesson, I plan to introduce one topic. This topic is backyard beekeeping.

Considering that regulations allow beekeeping in the place you live in, I am going to briefly mention some actions that can be performed In order to keep bees in ones backyard.

A high fence

Having a fence of at least 6 ft high around the hive could serve more than a single purpose. Once of the advantages of a fence are found in the fact that could conceal the hive.  The second possible advantage is found in the fact that a fence could lead the bees to fly higher; thus, there might be fewer chances to have the honey bees collide with people. Finally, another possible benefit that could be obtained is the protection from certain winds.


Providing water to the honey bees is important. In fact, while the bees could travel long distances to find materials they need, it has still been advised to me to have a source of water in the backyard. This could be done with inverted jars.


The idea of having a beekeeper next door is not necessarily a pleasing though for everyone. Consequently, a beekeeper could try to ease up the apprehension of his/her neighbors in certain ways. One thing that could be done would be to offer some honey to the neighbors. Moreover, after the beekeeper is confident about his skills in beekeeping, he/she could invite the neighbors to show them his/her experience when working with bees.

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