Beginners Guide Beekeeping – Does It Exist?

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Beekeeping hive tool - Could Learn about it in a Beekeeping Guide
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Beginners guide beekeeping, what can this mean? In fact, a small search on google led me to this expression. Apparently, the need for a beekeeping guide that is beginners friendly is real. As a result, I hope to give some tips to new beekeepers within this post.

Beekeeping done in a backyard, is it possible?

yes, based on my reading, beekeeping in a backyard is something that is possible. In fact, certain advice are given in my beekeeping guide about this topic. But, to give a resume of some of these tips, I will just make an enumeration of what can be done to keep bees in ones backyard.

  • Water: To keep honey bees in your backyard you should make available to them enough water. A source of water near the hive could prevent them to try to obtain it from other places.
  • A fence: Raising a fence of at least 6 feet high could not only help protect your hive but it can also hide it. Moreover, the bees could fly higher and thus there should be a lower probability of┬ácollision between the honey bees and people

Some Tools

Certain beekeeping equipment that are useful are the smoker, the beekeeping suit, the veil, the hive tool, the uncapping fork and the brush. This list is not exhaustive. However, you don’t necessarily have to get all of these tools at once. ┬áThis being, tools that are more directed towards the security are the smoker, the suit and the netted veil. The hive tool helps remove the natural glue, for instance. On the other hand, the uncapping fork is beneficial when extracting the honey from the wax caps.

Here a bit of information about beekeeping. I guess this could be included into something looked for as beginners guide beekeeping.

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