What About Beekeeping Supply?

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In view of the number of searches on this topic having an article about tools proper to beekeepers seems could be beneficial. Before going any further, you do not have to own all of these tools at once. The beekeeping supply that will be looked at is made of: the smoker, the hive tool, the hive stand the brush and the uncapping fork.

The smoker?

One tool that has to be acquired or is a must-have as it was termed by someone is the smoker. This tool is in fact a closed kettle with a tall body that has an opening for the entrance of oxygen. The smoker is used to calm the bees before you harvest or inspect. What happens regarding the smoker is that after putting chips of burning wood within the smoker, the bellows are used to create smoke. This smoke will leave the chamber from the spout.

Now, what about the hive tool?

Another important element of the beekeeper equipment is the hive tool. The hive tool is made of two parts, the handle and the blade/wedge. For instance, removing without noise the propolis of sections of the langstroth hive can be done with the wedge.To help the beekeeper find the tool bright colors can be used.

Hive stand ?

Despite the fact that Langstroth hives possess stands, getting more elevation of the structure at thirty cm of the ground can be beneficial. Effectively, the stand is a protective mesure against animals that could disturb the beehive. Additionally, the hive stand can help against rotting.


Brushing honeybees away can be done with a soft bristled brush when inspecting the beehive. Because, you might not be able to pick up a bunch of honeybees in order to attain the frame a better solution is the use of the brush.

Now, the Uncapping fork

The wax caps can be taken out from the honey suppers with the uncapping fork which is used during the extraction of honey. Because the bees cap the cells filled with stored honey, before the extraction, the caps should be taken out. If one wonders about the aspect of the fork, it looks like a wide flat for having several metal points. The flat fork, the Swedish and the bent fork composes the common types of uncapping forks. Nevertheless, in the case the beekeeper is willing to have the cured honey moved by the honeybees in the upper part of the hive body, the fork can also be used.

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to purchase all of these tools at once to build your beekeeping supply. However, one that is particularly important o have is the smoker. Another essential tool is the hive tool. To these two, can be added the hive stand, the brush and the uncapping tool.

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