What Are 4 Common Honey Bees Types?

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After making some researches I remarked that the topic of the different honey bees’ types seemed to have been looked up thousands of times. Consequently, this article will discuss this subject. What are the honey bees’ types?  In fact, it has been estimated that there are 20,000 known species of bees around the world. This being there are two main behavioral bees types, the social bees or the ones that are likely to interest us, and there are also the solitary bees that do not live in colonies. Concentrating on the honey bees, there are 4 common honey bees types: the apis florae, the apis dorsata, the apis mellifera and the apis cerana.

What can be said of the first specie in the list, the apis florae? This type of honey bees is characterized by its smallest size when compared to other species. It is seen as the smallest honey bees species. The apis florae build single comb hives and is sensitive to disturbances. The hives created can be found in cave formations or in a state of suspension from trees. This suspension can prevent ants for instance to disturb the colony or take the honey.

The second type of honey bees, the apis dorsata differs from the first one cited above in elements such as the higher disturbance level that can be tolerated by the apis dorsata, and the bigger size of the bees. Nonetheless this specie of bees shares some resemblance with the apis florae. Effectively, the apis dorsata also can abandon their hives. Additionally, single comb hives are common for this type of bees and can be found suspended from trees.

Thirdly, we have the apis cerena which has contributed to agritulture. In comparison with the previous honey bees types, the apis cerena can be located in tropical regions and temperate countries for instance. Example of countries where this type of bees can be found are japan, Korea, India and Thailand.  Characterizing these bees with a single size is not evident because the different climates in these countries have an effect on the size of the bees. To the climate can be the added the size of the hive, and the size of the colony for example. The apis cerena may also leave its hive. However, these bees in contrast with the honey bees types mentioned before can be domesticated.

Moreover, we have the bee specie called apis mellifera which is generally used by beekeepers in the United States and in certain parts of Europe. Nevertheless this European bee can also be located in Asia. The apis mellifera live in cavities, such as tree trunk and caves. It can also be added that this specie of bees constructs combs that are parallels and has a social behavior.

As one can see, there are several common types of honey bees; some are social while others are not. The common honey bees types are the apis florae, the apis dorsata, the apis cerena and the last apis, the apis melifera. If you want to learn more about beekeeping, I invite you to subscribe to my email mini course by entering your name and email address in the box to the top right side of this page.

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