Beekeeping Basics – 3 Tools a Beekeeper Could Benefit From

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Are you looking for information about beekeeping basics? If you want to read about some beekeeping basics, I invite you to read this article. While an article is not enough to cover all the topics related to beekeeping, in this article I am going to focus on tools. These beekeeping tools are: the smoker, the hive tool and the uncapping fork. What is the smoker?

The smoker is a kettle inside of which burning chips of wood can be placed. The smoker as its name indicates produces smoke. The smoke has for effect to calm down the bees. A beekeeper might benefit from this tool, because, he/she could end up facing less agitated bees. What about the uncapping fork?

The uncapping fork is normally employed when the time for honey extraction comes. The uncapping fork should help the beekeeper remove the wax from the cells filled with honey. Actually, the bees are likely to cover with wax cells that are filled with honey. As a result, the beekeeper might have to get rid of this wax. What the hive tool can help the beekeeper accomplish?

The hive tool can be used to remover propolis or natural glue from sections of the hive. Concerning the hive tool, a tip I could give you is to select one that will resist the weather. Due to the fact that a beekeeper is likely to work outside, his/her tools should be able to resist the weather for sometimes.

A lot more could be said about beekeeping. With this article, I hope to have given you some beneficial information.
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