The Benefits of Eating Honey?

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It may be known that honey’s sweetness can be used to replace the sugar sold in stores. However, is there more to this honey bee product?


As a person could guess, the benefits of honey go beyond the fact that it can be used as a substitute for sugar. In fact, the consumption of honey can also be advantageous for one’s health.

Effectively, this product of the bees could be beneficial for our respiratory system. Truly, Christen McGlynn wrote in an article published on the the following:

This home remedy actually helps the respiratory system by thinning the mucus build up in a person’s airway.

Nonetheless, because of the sweet nature of honey we could wonder whether eating honey is detrimental for teeth the way sugar can be. In fact, because sucrose is not part of honey, there is not the threat of having more plaque adhesion.

Furthermore, honey has disinfectant capabilities. Thus it can be read in Christen McGlynn’s article who has obtained the opinion of the professor of food science and human nutrition, Nicki Engeseth, that:

According to Engeseth, although honey maintains the characteristics of every dentists’ nightmare with its sticky and sugary aspects, it does not promote tooth decay due to its lack of sucrose. Sucrose, as many may know, promotes plaque adhesion and therefore this sticky, sweet treat is dentist approved.

Not only is this treat plaque problem free, but it also rids the mouth of bacteria.

The article I am currently writing is not enough to talk about all the gains that can be acquired through honey. This being, I would like to share one more benefit of this nectar.

In actuality, honey is also known to have skin healing properties. Similarly, a press release by Larry Oz on, quotes the biochemist Peter Molan:

“There’s more evidence, clinical evidence, by far for honey in wound treatment than for any of the pharmaceutical products.”

Honey is clearly a natural product that can lead to many health benefits. Some of the profits that can be acquired due to honey consumption could be seen in mouth hygiene, skin care as well as in the promotion of a good respiratory system.

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