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As many of us are aware of, bees can hurt. As a result when one decides to have beekeeping as a hobby, knowing how to lower the chances of being stung can be a good move. However, beekeeping is not only about bees inflicting pain, because from this hobby, honey can be obtained. However, before a beekeeper gets to the point where he/she is able to collect honey, a beginner might be asking himself certain questions. One interrogation might be “Can I have a beehive when I live within a city?” Another question could be: “What about my neighbors, how to have them accept the idea that one or two beehives at proximity are not necessarily something dangerous?” One last question a novice might wonder about is: “Which beekeepers supplies should I have?” To these questions, you will find answers in my guide to beekeeping.

City Beekeeping

First of all, it is not always common to imagine about beekeeping within an urban area. This being, the ability to keep bees is not necessarily hindered because one lives within a city or town. In fact, there are ways to go about beekeeping without creating a lot of perturbation in the neighborhood a person lives in. In fact, it is possible to practice beekeeping in a backyard. Moreover, bee hives can also be installed on top of buildings.

Beekeeping and Neighbors

What about the neighbors? Will they be comfortable having they bees near their houses? If they are, show them that your bees are not likely to hurt them? As it can be imagined, the fact that bees can injure, could lead to think about their dwelling at proximity as a source of possible pain. In order to put off this fear, certain actions can be taken. These actions can go from putting up a fence, to having enough water for the bees in your backyard. You might also invite your neighbors to show them that there is not really a fear to have because of the bees. More ideas to counter neighbors’ apprehension are mentioned in my beekeeping guide.

Beekeeper Supply

What about beekeeping equipments? Which one should you have? What is their use? These are also questions that could be asked. Going in a store without a support to refer to for the equipment you might need might lead to spend more time to know what is really necessary if you do not find store manager willing to help you. How should you dress for beekeeping? Can you wear a short sleeves shirt? What about a long sleeve shirt without gloves? Once more, the guide to beekeeping I have been mentioning will give you some information about the equipment used and the way you should be dressed for beekeeping.

As you can see there are several subjects discussed within my guide about beekeeping that I invite you to have. In fact, having a book to look at for answers to novice beekeepers can help. If you are not ready to go that route, you can subscribe to my email mini course about beekeeping by entering your name and email address in the box on the top right part of this page.

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